Project Pan

In the makeup world, a pan is when you see the bottom of a makeup product or complete a makeup product.  My goals with my own Project Pan is to start completing more products, cut down on purchases that I might want, but also being more creative with some products that I hardly use, example colorful eyeshadow.

My current collection isn’t small, but it isn’t overly large either. Currently, I have:

  • 9 eyeshadow palettes
  • 2 contour palettes
  • 5 blushes
  • 2 highlighters (1 pressed, 1 liquid)
  • 5 lipliners
  • 11 lipsticks/lip crayons
  • 8 liquid lipsticks
  • 4 eyeliners (3 pencils, 1 liquid)

Other products such as foundation, concealer, brow product, primer, and setting spray I only have one of each product. These I do use up, and repurchase when necessary.


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