Spotify Wrapped 2017


In the beginning of December, I like most people were rushing to the Spotify 2017 Wrapped website to see what my top artists and bands were. I will say, I listened to way more than 21,084 minutes worth of music. Obviously, the music I listened to through iTunes or my turntable are not going to be accounted for. So it doesn’t matter how many rotations The Smiths or Angel Olsen took. But, it is interesting to see what my usage of Spotify is. Now if only iTunes could track my year in music like Spotify.

The artists that are my top I do kind of agree with, but I feel like there are some that should be moved around. Or, maybe I didn’t listen to some artists as much as I thought I did. Some of these seem like bands or songs did seem like some of these were only recently. I Love L.A. by Randy Newman I was heavily listening to during September and October, but not the rest of the year.

I will say I was pretty disappointed with my Top 100 songs playlist since it was basically my entire workout playlist. Yes, I use that somewhat frequently, but my main focus is the Daily Mixes that are put together by Spotify.

Here is my 2017 Wrapped Playlist

Here is my workout playlist if you want to give that a look.


And I haven’t totally loved this playlist, but others have, here is my The Ones That Got Away Playlist for 2017.


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