2018 Resolutions Check In

We’re officially three months into the new year, and I feel like I can do a quick check on my New Years resolutions. So far, as to be expected some are a fail.

  • I have done a horrible job of reading more. The one book I’ve should’ve finished in January is still sitting on my coffee table with maybe 40ish pages to go. I know in the past two months I should have finished it, but I just haven’t. Do audiobooks count? All YouTubers and social media personalities want me to use Audible.
  • Trying to be more positive is still a work in progress. And, I think for me that will always be something I’m always working on.
  • Exploring more and traveling are things that will happen when the weather and finances start becoming more consistent again.

However, I have been doing better about trying to get back on a healthy track. In January, I tried my best to complete True – 30 Day Yoga Journey from Yoga with Adriene (I only missed three videos/days, pretty proud of myself). Since then I’ve kept up doing yoga a few times a week, as well as incorporating other workouts into my life. I still have yet to step foot in an actual gym…

I’ve also been working on getting my diet back on track. Some weeks are better than others. But, I’ve been trying to eat a more balanced diet most days out of the week with some days being a throwaway¬†day. I have also been working in more plant-based¬†meals, trying to do this at least once a week.

I’ve also experimented with vegan mac and cheese a couple of times. So far one has come out pretty successfully that I’ll make again. It’s also opened up my palette a little bit more cooking more curry, stir fry, etc dishes. Recently I also bought so tofu that I plan on trying. I’m not sure how it’s going to go, but I’m going to give it a try.

Hopefully, these will turn around or things I will continue on getting better at.



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