2018 Resolutions Because Why Not?

I know there are people out there who think that resolutions are a waste of time, but I don’t think they necessarily are. We all have a list of goals of things we want to achieve or items we want to work on about ourselves. The list down below are my resolutions for 2018:

  1. Get in shape. Stereotypical I know. But, this year I feel like I’ve let myself go a bit. I’m in the worst shape and heaviest I’ve ever been, and I’d like to get back in control before it gets worse. So like everyone else, in January I’d like to get back into the gym.
  2. Read more. My goal is to read a book a month. I think this is an obtainable goal for myself. Maybe I actually finish the first Game of Thornes book…
  3.  Surround myself with more positive people. I think this will help myself be more positive in my own life. But, I’m also tired of coming away from being with some people and feeling shittier about myself. That’s not healthy for your own mental health, and this is something for myself I really need/want to change.
  4. Get out and explore more. I need to get myself out of my apartment more. Just experience more things. Or walk around the block.
  5. Travel. My goal is to take a trip somewhere this year, but only if it is finically possible. Also, my goal is to go somewhere that isn’t Los Angeles since that seems to be where I always go. Although right now, sunshine and a beach sounds delightful.

It’s a small list. And probably a stereotypical list, but these are things I want to achieve or work on. This is for myself, and goals I have for myself.


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