Taylor Swift – Reputation Part 1

Taylor Swift just released her latest album Reputation. Of course, since it’s Taylor Swift, there’s a lot of anticipation that comes with this. She’s had a lot going on the past three years since 1989. And I’m not necessarily talking about musically. I wanted to put together my own interruption of each song since there are multiple ways to look at each song. Admittedly I’m not a Swiftie so I’m not going to be able to pull references from past songs. But, I do watch plenty of E! News so I’m up on the Taylor drama.

Ready For It – First track to kick off the album, and it’s a sonic change for her. Obviously, 1989 was a straight pop album, but Reputation does have a fair number of almost EDM songs with the continuation of pop. It does follow her formula of talking about exes, but there is an element to finding new love. Clearly, the song is about her meeting Joe Alwyn. But, here is where Reputation is clearly the more adult Taylor coming out. The chorus is:

“In the middle of the night, in my dreams/You should see the things we do, baby/In the middle of the night, in my dreams/I know I’m gonna be with you/So I take my time/Are you ready for it?”

She basically is admitting to having sex dreams about Joe Alwyn here. And I think here she sets the tone for a much more adult Taylor Swift album.

End Game featuring Future & Ed Sheeran – I’m personally not a fan of this song. Sorry, but I don’t need to hear Ed Sheeran rap again, ever. A good portion of the album does seem to be about Joe Alwyn, and this song is no different. Taylor is aware of her reputation, and all the drama that follows. This is made clear in these very self aware lines “And I bury hatchets, but I keep maps of where I put ’em/Reputation precedes me, they told you I’m crazy/I swear I don’t love the drama, it loves me”. In summary, she is hoping that he wants to try a relationship with her, and not let her reputation ruin her chance with him.

I Did Something Bad – The song with Taylor’s first swear word in a song. I’m sure she swears like a sailor in real life. She is about six months younger than me, and there is no way she isn’t dropping f bombs on the daily. The first half of this song addresses her continued drama with Kanye West. I’m assuming the I did something bad here is her calling out West for the line that was used, and the now infamous phone call Kim Kardashian put out. The second half, could still be about West, but could also be about Calvin Harris and Tom Hiddleston. Juries still out on that.

Don’t Blame Me – Sounds a bit like Hozier “Take Me to Church”. The line “I’ve been breakin’ hearts a long time/And toyin’ with them older guys” is clearly directed at Calvin Harris and Tom Hiddleston, who are both in their 30s. But, once again about her love for Joe. Might also be a little obsessive about him?

Delicate – Here’s another song that seems to scream it’s about Joe, but I’m not so sure. There’s been rumors swirling around Taylor and Karlie Kloss for a while now, and I have to wonder if Delicate is about Karlie. Hiding out where people won’t find out, or ask questions (dive bar). The song mentions, “Dark jeans and your Nikes, look at you”. Karlie Kloss did work and was part of a sponsorship with Nike previously. I’m sure that might be a reach, but it does work here. Asking someone if it’s ok that you opened up your heart to them about your feelings is delicate, and difficult. But, it’s even more delicate if it’s your best friend. And it might be too soon for a bisexual Taylor Swift. I think there are a few other songs that venture to possibly being about Karlie.

Look What You Made Me Do – I think this has been discussed to death. She addresses all the drama in the song and video.

So It Goes… – We get sexy TayTay here. As stated above, I don’t know every Taylor Swift song by heart, but this might be the first song, she is pretty explicit about having sex. It’s alluded to numerous times on 1989, but not quite like this. With lines like “Lipstick on your face”, “You know I’m not a bad girl but I/Do bad things with you”, and the line that got a lot of people talking “Scratches down your back”. There was no alluding to in this song; it’s there in your face.

Part two coming soon.


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